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Selected Articles

The following Guidelines articles and addresses from Psychophysiology (in Adobe PDF format) are made available here courtesy of SPR.

Guidelines papers:

Publication guidelines for heart rate studies in man  [140 KB]
J. R. Jennings, W. K. Berg, J. S. Hutcheson, P. Obrist, S. Porges, & G. Turpin
Psychophysiology, 18 (1981), 226-231

Publication recommendations for electrodermal measurements  [220 KB]
D. C. Fowles, M. J. Christie, R. Edelberg, W. W. Grings, D. T. Lykken, & P. H. Venables
Psychophysiology, 18 (1981), 232-239

Guidelines for human electromyographic research  [504 KB]
A. J. Fridlund, & J. T. Cacioppo
Psychophysiology, 23 (1986), 567-589

Methodological guidelines for impedance cardiography  [428 KB]
A. Sherwood, M. T. Allen, J. Fahrenberg, R. M. Kelsey, W. R. Lovallo, & L. J. van Doornen
Psychophysiology, 27 (1990), 1-23

Guidelines for reducing the risk of disease transmission in the psychophysiology laboratory  [1.0 MB]
L. E. Putnam, R. Johnson Jr., & W. T. Roth
Psychophysiology, 29 (1992), 127-141

Guidelines for the recording and quantitative analysis of electroencephalographic activity in research contexts  [1.3 MB]
R. T. Pivik, R. J. Broughton, R. Coppola, R. J. Davidson, N. Fox, & M. R. Nuwer
Psychophysiology, 30 (1993), 547-558

Blood pressure publication guidelines  [228 KB]
D. Shapiro, L. D. Jamner, J. D. Lane, K. C. Light, M. Myrtek, Y. Sawada, & A. Steptoe
Psychophysiology, 33 (1996), 1-12

Heart rate variability: Origins, methods, and interpretive caveats  [3 MB]
G. G. Berntson, J. T. Bigger, D. L. Eckberg, P. Grossman, P. G. Kaufmann, M. Malik, H. N. Nagaraja, S. W. Porges, J. P. Saul, P. H. Stone, & M. W. van der Molen
Psychophysiology, 34 (1997), 623-648

Guidelines for using human event-related potentials to study cognition: Recording standards and publication criteria  [208 KB]
T.W. Picton, S. Bentin, P. Berg, E. Donchin, S.A. Hillyard, R. Johnson, Jr., G.A. Miller, W. Ritter, D.S. Ruchkin, M.D. Rugg, and M.J. Taylor
Psychophysiology, 37 (2000), 127-152

Guidelines for mechanical lung function measurements in psychophysiology  [300 KB]
T. Ritz, B. Dahme, A.B. Dubois, H. Folgering, G.K. Fritz, A. Harver, H. Kotses, P.M. Lehrer, C. Ring, A. Steptoe, and K.P. Van de Woestijne
Psychophysiology, 39 (2002), 546-567

Guidelines for human startle eyeblink electromyographic studies  [275 KB]
T. D. Blumenthal, B. N. Cuthbert, D. L. Filion, S. Hackley, O. V. Lipp, and A. van Boxtel
Psychophysiology, 42 (2005), 1-15

Publication recommendations for electrodermal measurements [262 KB]
W. Boucsein, D. C. Fowles, S. Grimnes, G. Ben-Shakhar, W. T. Roth, M. E. Dawson, & D. L. Filion
Psychophysiology, 49 (2012), 1017-1034

Methodology Papers:

Editorial Policy on Analyses of Variance With Repeated Measures  [190 KB]
J. Richard Jennings
Psychophysiology, 24 (1987), 474-475

Testing treatment effects in repeated measures designs: An update for psychophysiological researchers  [109 KB]
H. J. Keselman
Psychophysiology, 35 (1998), 470-478

SPR Presidential addresses:

1997 - William G. Iacono  [620 KB]
Identifying psychophysiological risk for psychopathology: Examples from substance abuse and schizophrenia research
Psychophysiology, 35 (1998), 621-637

1998 - Judith M. Ford  [1.0 MB]
Schizophrenia: The broken P300 and beyond
Psychophysiology, 36 (1999), 667-682

1999 - Risto Näätänen  [2.2 MB]
The perception of speech sounds by the human brain as reflected by the mismatch negativity (MMN) and its magnetic equivalent (MMNm)
Psychophysiology, 38 (2001), 1-21

2000 - Richard J. Davidson  [612 KB]
Affective neuroscience and psychophysiology: Toward a synthesis
Psychophysiology, 40 (2003), 655-665

2005 - Niels Birbaumaer   [2.6 MB]
Breaking the silence: Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) for communication and motor control
Psychophysiology, 43 (2006), 517-532

2007 - Robert F. Simons  [727 KB]
The way of our errors: Theme and variations
Psychophysiology, 47 (2010), 1-14

Awards for Distinguished Contributions to Psychophysiology:

1998 - David Lykken  [64 KB]
Citation given by Don Fowles on behalf of the Society's Awards Committee
Psychophysiology, 36 (1999), 537-542

1999 - Steven A. Hillyard  [152 KB]
Citation given by Risto Näätänen on behalf of the Society's Awards Committee
Psychophysiology, 37 (2000), 269-274

2000 - John T. Cacioppo  [80 KB]
Citation given by Richard J. Davidson on behalf of the Society's Awards Committee
Psychophysiology, 39 (2002), 1-8

2001 - Arne Öhman  [116 KB]
Citation given by Robert W. Levenson on behalf of the Society's Awards Committee
Psychophysiology, 40 (2003), 317-321

2002 - Michael G. H. Coles  [109 KB]
Citation given by Gregory A. Miller on behalf of the Society's Awards Committee
Psychophysiology, 40 (2003), 833-837

2004 - Robert M.Stern   [47 KB]
Citation given by Niels Birbaumerr on behalf of the Society's Awards Committee
Psychophysiology, 44 (2007), 1

2005 - Cornelis H. M. Brunia  [67 KB]
Citation given by Steven A. Hackley on behalf of the Society's Awards Committee
Psychophysiology, 47 (2010), 797-798

2007 - Marta Kutas  [143 KB]
Citation given by Cyma Van Petten, Kara D. Federmeier, and Phillip J. Holcomb
Psychophysiology, 47 (2010), 403-409

2008 - William G. Iacono  [214 KB]
Citation given by Gregory A. Miller on behalf of the Society's Awards Committee
Psychophysiology, 47 (2010), 603-614

Addresses from Early Career Award recipients:

1998 - Christopher R. France  [184 KB]
Decreased pain perception and risk for hypertension: Considering a common physiological mechanism
Psychophysiology, 36 (1999), 683-692

1999 - Axel Mecklinger  [1.3 MB]
Interfacing mind and brain: A neurocognitive model of recognition memory
Psychophysiology, 37 (2000), 565-582

2000 - John J. B. Allen  [656 KB]
The role of psychophysiology in clinical assessment: ERPs in the evaluation of memory
Psychophysiology, 39 (2002), 261-280

2000 - James J. Gross  [220 KB]
Emotion regulation: Affective, cognitive, and social consequences
Psychophysiology, 39 (2002), 281-291

2001 - Martin Heil  [344 KB]
The functional significance of ERP effects during mental rotation
Psychophysiology, 39 (2002), 535-545

2002 - Eddie Harmon-Jones  [221 KB]
Clarifying the emotive functions of asymmetrical frontal cortical activity
Psychophysiology, 40 (2003), 838-848

2003 - Thomas Ritz  [260 KB]
Probing the psychophysiology of the airways: Physical activity, experienced emotion, and facially expressed emotion
Psychophysiology, 41 (2004), 809-821

2006 - Kara D. Federmeier  [336 KB]
Thinking ahead: The role and roots of prediction in language comprehension
Psychophysiology, 44 (2007), 491-505