SPR: Jobs in Psychophysiology - Submission Guidelines

This information pertains to the submission of job recruitment advertisements to the SPR Web Site Jobs page. Please read this document carefully before submitting an advertisement.

  • Advertisements should be submitted to the individual in charge of maintaining the SPR Web Site Jobs page (usually a member of the SPR Web Site Committee). Currently, this is Andreas Löw (jobs@sprweb.org).
  • The position listed should have some relevance to the field of psychophysiology.
  • Each advertisement will be appended with the date it is added to the Jobs page. Advertisements will be removed from the Jobs page four months after this date unless:
    1. the position is filled and you send an e-mail message asking for the advertisement to be removed, or
    2. the position has not been filled and you send a message asking for the advertisement to remain for an additional four-month period.
  • We ask that advertisements be kept to under 300 words in length. Submitters may be asked to shorten excessively long advertisements. (You may include in your advertisement a link to your own web page with more information.) Note that if you are advertising multiple positions, you may use 300 words per position.
  • Advertisements should be submitted in either HTML (hypertext markup language) format or plain (ASCII) text. Plain text advertisements may be sent either in the body of your e-mail message or as an attachment. If you would like to send formatted text, but cannot send an HTML document, then you may send the text in Rich Text Format (RTF). The formatting will be duplicated in the HTML conversion as much as possible.
  • HTML-formatted submissions are encouraged, but please keep the advertisement simple. Do not use embedded graphics, background colors, frames, style sheets, etc. Small tables and formatted lists are allowed. See existing advertisements for examples.
  • Non-HTML submissions will be put into HTML format. When this is done, the original layout will be maintained as much as possible. When a title appears at the beginning of a advertisement, this text will usually be put in boldface in the converted HTML. All e-mail addresses and web site addresses will be converted into hyperlinks. Requests for specific formatting will be honored when possible.
  • You will be notified via e-mail when your advertisement has been added to the Jobs page. At that time, you should check your advertisement to be sure that the content and formatting are correct.