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Summer School Information Posted by the University of Wurzburg

Thursday, February 6, 2020  
Posted by: SPR
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The University of Wurzburg would like to share information about their Wurzburg Summer School on Cognition and Neuroscience for 2020. 

"Humans are essentially social beings who, for the longer part of their biological and cultural evolution, lived in small cohesive groups. Such group life has many advantages (e.g., division of labor, increased strength), but also comes along with numerous challenges (e.g., coordination problems, cheating). Which specialized and general cognitive tools help humans to reap the rewards and to ward off the threats? What are biological underpinnings of these mechanisms?

"The 2020 Würzburg Summer School on Social Cognition and Neuroscience (SCONE) will offer focused, in depth courses that advance participants' knowledge and skills. It will take place from July 27 to July 31 2020, and all courses will be taught in English."

If you are interested, please see their full announcement on their website here:


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