SPR 2020 will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Society at this year's Annual Meeting on October 7-11 in Vancouver!  

This year's program features keynote addresses by Drs. Roshan Cools (Radboud University, Netherlands), John Foxe (University of Rochester), and David Amodio (New York University).

The Presidential Symposium will feature a lineup of leading scientists in the field of Developmental Psychophysiology.

We will be featuring "big ideas" symposia:
     •Psychophysiology and Health (spanning physical and mental health)
     •Psychophysiology Across the Lifespan (spanning early development to aging)
     •Interpersonal Psychophysiology (including social psychophysiology and research on dyads/groups)

Planned pre-conference workshops on Wednesday will cover ERP methodology, digital sign processing, and statistical power analyses.

Stay tuned for more details!

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