SPR is joining many scientific societies that are investigating how to reduce our carbon footprint at the Annual Meeting.

How Do I Offset My Carbon Footprint at the Annual Meeting?
Individuals and organizations can buy offsets from a variety of offset providers who invest that money in renewable energy, energy conservation projects, etc. This is a popular effort globally, though SPR does not take a stance on its efficacy. We are simply providing information for those who choose to pursue this option.

• Examine the offset policies at your company or institution and how they may offset your carbon footprint for travel.
• Many airlines now offer consumers the option of purchasing carbon offsets in the process of buying tickets. Examples are Delta and United.
• Purchase a carbon offset from This organization directs your donation to projects such as tree-planting, rainforest protection, and green energy technologies. They also offer reduction tips for your carbon footprint. 

What is SPR Doing to Offset its Carbon Footprint at the Annual Meeting?
•SPR offers fewer printed materials and no bag at the Annual Meeting. The mobile app contributes to reducing the carbon footprint.
•In 2020 SPR will no longer use plastic badge holders. The lanyard fabric will be recyclable.
China cups are used at breaks rather than styrofoam or recyclable paper cups. 
•Gallons of flavored water are ordered for refreshment breaks rather than individual plastic bottles of water and soda.
Menus feature more sustainable dining options, such as offering more vegetarian selections or using local food products when possible. 
•Use of fewer printed signs and more electronic monitors.

Do You Have Ideas?
We'd love to hear them. Have you been at a conference that offered unique ways to offset your carbon footprint? Does your institution has an interesting program? Let us know by sending an email to the SPR Office

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