Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim

Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim, Dr. Florian Bublatzky

 Current research topics in the lab “Social Learning and Person Perception”

Embedded in the Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim (Germany), our research group aims at a better understanding of face and person perception as a function of individual learning history. A particular focus is on different means of learning – based on own experiences, observations, and instructions – and how contextual-environmental settings (e.g., knowledge about other people or situation) impact on self- and other-perception. Our key questions address: (1) perceptual/attentional processes and psychophysiological responding involved in social learning, (2) social accelerators of fear extinction learning, (3) emotion perception, and (4) decision making during threatening or safe conditions.

The workings of involved mechanisms and (dys-)functions are examined from an experimental psycho(patho)logy perspective. We take a dimensional transdiagnostic approach focusing on healthy and clinical populations; with implications for stress- and anxiety-related disorders with interpersonal disturbances (e.g., anticipatory anxiety and social anxiety disorder).

Which physiological or other methods are used? Which techniques can students learn there?

We use multiple methods from the social and neurosciences (e.g., EEG/ERP, MEG, EMG, ratings, and behavioral measures) and test various social stimuli and situations (e.g., face, body, gestures, and social interaction scenes) in healthy control and clinical populations.

In our labs, students may learn how to design and conduct psychophysiological studies and analyse psychophysiological data, a particular focus is on electrophysiology.

Requirements for an exchange? (knowledge, length of stay)

A good command of English and a minimum stay of 3 months is recommended.

Funding possibilities by department?

Interested students are expected to bring their own funding to cover expenses

Contact information/go-to person Information on city (housing, costs of living)

If you are interested, please do not hesitate contacting me (florian.bublatzky@zi-mannheim.de). We are looking forward to welcome international students with interest in psychophysiology.



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