University Hospital of Bonn
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University hospital of Bonn- dr. Niclas braun

Current research topics in the lab

While virtual reality (VR) describes the computer-generated simulation of immersive, interactive, and real-life environments, virtual reality therapy (VRT) examines the applicability of VR environments for therapeutic purposes. A typical VRT application is, for instance, the realistic simulation of anxiety-provoking situations by means of VR goggles for exposure therapy. The aim of our “Virtual Reality Therapy and Psychophysiology” research group is the (further) development and psycho-physiological examination of VR-based diagnostic and therapeutic methods for mental disorders.

Which physiological or other methods are used? Which techniques can students learn there?

In our lab, students may learn on how…
… to design and code virtual reality experiments (C#, Unity)
… to record, time-sync and real-time access data streams during virtual reality, using LabStreamingLayer
… to analyse psychophysiological data (inter alia: wireless EEG, EMG, EDA, HRV and Eyetracking), using common Matlab-packages such as EEGLAB or LEDALAB.

Requirements for an exchange? (knowledge, length of stay)

While we have no strict rules on the duration of a lab stay or required degree, we advise a lab stay of at least two months. Moreover, we require some psychophysiological foreknowledge and general programming skills (Matlab, C#, Python). Clinical experience is also desirable, but no requirement.

Funding possibilities by department?

Interested students are expected to bring their own funding to cover expenses.

Contact information/go-to person

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Niclas Braun ( Further information can be found under:

Information on city (housing, costs of living)

Please find information on the “Clinic of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy”, to which our VR-Lab is associated to, under:

Information on living in Bonn is given under:

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