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University of SoutHampton- Dr. Tobias Feldmann-Wüstefeld

Current research topics in the lab

My lab focuses on visual attention (how does the brain decide which information to process and which to ignore?) and working memory (how does the brain maintain relatively complex information over short periods of time?). We are particularly interested in how visual attention and working memory are affected by learning, reward, emotion and motivation, and other related topics. For more information about current projects, please contact us.

Which physiological or other methods are used? Which techniques can students learn there?

As a visiting student in our lab, you would be able to learn how to design and run electroencephalography (EEG) studies and how to analyse EEG data. You would also be able to learn how to use online eye tracking in combination with EEG. Besides using traditional analyses (event-related potentials, frequency-based analyses), a strong focus of our work is the usage and development of advanced EEG methods that involve inverted encoding models and machine learning.

Requirements for an exchange? (knowledge, length of stay)

Any student who is interested in doing research in cognitive neuroscience is welcome! We advise a minimum stay of 3 months (for more experienced students, 2 months may be appropriate). Some basic background knowledge with regard to the technique you want to work with is helpful. You should have at least basic programming skills, ideally in Matlab or Python. If you are interested in becoming a visiting member of our lab, contact us. We will talk about possible research projects, a suitable duration of your stay and hopefully find something you are looking for!

Funding possibilities by department?

Interested students are expected to bring their own funding to cover expenses.

Contact information/go-to person

If you are interested, please contact Dr Tobias Feldmann-Wüstefeld ( More information for international students can be found here:

Information on city (housing, costs of living)

Over 6,500 international students from more than 135 countries choose to study at the University of Southampton each year. In addition we have links with universities and partners around the world, making us a truly international institution. The University of Southampton is part of the Russell Group, a group of top UK universities that benefits from a particular focus on research. Southampton is ~75 min by train from London, far enough to affordable housing, close enough for exciting weekend trips. Stonehenge is 50 km from Southampton, the Isle of Wight just off the coast of Southampton and a train brings you from Southampton to the beautiful New Forest, one of the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest in Southern England, in just 20 minutes.

As an international student, you may be eligible for university student housing (if available), but there are also affordable B&Bs and monthly rental agreements are common.

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