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Exhibiting Companies at the 2018 Annual Meeting

Thank you to the following companies that will be present at the 2018 Annual Meeting in Quebec City. Plan time in your schedule to stop by and visit with the vendors.  They will be located in the same area as the poster sessions.  SPR appreciates the financial support that exhibiting companies bring to the Annual Meeting!

Brain Products

Tel: 49 8105 733840

Email: sales@brainproducts.com

Website: www.brainproducts.com


Brain Products is the worldwide leading manufacturer of hard and software solutions for neurophysiological research, covering a wide range of fields related to EEG. We also offer psychophysiological sensors, integrated stimulation and analysis software, alongside free technical and scientific support.


Compumedics Neuroscan

Tel: 704-749-3200

Email: sales@compumedicsusa.com

Website: www.compumedicsneuroscan.com


Compumedics-Neuroscan is a developer of research and clinical EEG systems and software for neurophysiology, sleep and neuroimaging systems.  Our Curry software is the world's leading application for low and high-density EEG/ERP recordings, EMG, GSR and source localization.


Movisens GmbH

Tel: 49 721 381 34490

Email: info@movisens.com

Website: www.movisens.com


Movisens produces physiological sensors that capture high resolution ECG, electrodermal activity, and physical activity data for the analysis of psycho-physiological parameters in everyday life, with sensors capable of integrating with our world class experience sampling (EMA) platform for interactive studies.


Phillips Neuro (formerly EGI)

Tel: 858-720-4020

Email: info@phillipsneuro.com

Website: www.egi.com


Philips Neuro is increasing our commitment to basic and applied neuroscience research, combining expertise in high density EEG-based brain imaging and personalized neuromodulation with expertise in diagnostic imaging and informatics. See our exciting new products and vision for the future. 


Seenel Imaging

Tel: 33 (0) 360 284 051

Email: contact@seenel-imaging.com

Website: www.seenel-imaging.com


Medelopt is a wearable functional neuro-imaging system dedicated to research. After ten years of R&D, we've developed a high-resolution fNIRS/EEG device tracking brain activation.  This unique headset makes you free of the hair constraint. Come and meet us at our booth!


Thought Technology

Tel: 514-489-8255

Email: workshops@thoughttechnology.com

Website: www.thoughttechnology.com


Thought Technology is the world's leading biofeedback, neurofeedback and psychophysiological instrument manufacturer. Our instrumentation monitors wide varieties of physiological signals/provides real time feedback to promote self-regulation.  Visit our booth to discuss how our equipment can be integrated into your work. http://thoughttechnology.com/index.php/

Exhibit at the 2018 SPR Annual Meeting in Quebec City!

SPR is meeting this year on October 3-7, 2018 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. An exhibit contract is available here.

The Society for Psychophysiological Research is an international society with a worldwide membership. Its 800 members span disciplines such as psychology, neuroscience, medicine, biology, and engineering, and are united by an interest in the interrelationships between the physiological and psychological aspects of behavior.  Our Annual Meeting typically draws 500-700 attendees and includes presentations of new theory, methods of research in a variety of formats, including invited addresses, symposia, paper sessions, and posters sessions.

Annual Meeting Attendance
2017   733   Vienna, Austria
2016 487 Minneapolis, Minnesota
2015 590 Seattle, Washington
2014 723 Atlanta, Georgia
2013 776 Florence, Italy
2012 731 New Orleans, Louisiana
2011 790 Boston, Massachusetts
2010 654 Portland, Oregon
2009 982 Berlin, Germany
There are a number of benefits to exhibitors at the Annual Meeting, including:

•Exposure to more than 500 professionals in fields related to neuroscience and psychology.

•Your company name will be placed in front of this specialty audience of buyers.

•The program materials distributed to each attendee will include each exhibiting company's address information and product descriptions.

•SPR will include each exhibitor's promotional listing on our website based on what is provided in the contract application.

•Poster sessions and breaks will be held in the exhibit area, providing your company with uninterrupted time to visit with attendees.

•The economical and effective atmosphere of a trade show allows exhibitors to make many more contacts than personal sales calls would allow.

For further information, please contact:

Jane Shepard
Email: meetings@sprweb.org
Tel: +1-608-443-2472, ext. 137

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