2011 Student Poster Award Winners

Distinguished Poster Awards

Kathryn Hefner - University of Wisconsin - Alcohol Effects on Affective Response During Variable and Fixed Duration Threat

Student Poster Awards

Daniel Bradford - University of Wisconsin-Madison - Not Just Noise: Individual Differences in Baseline Startle are Anxiety Relevant

Christopher Engelhardt - University of Missouri - Exposure to Violent Video Games Decreases Neural Measures of Cognitive Control for Individuals with Behavior Regulation Problems

Daniel Good - Brigham Young University - Marriage and the Brain: A Spouse Observation Effect on Performance Monitoring

Jason Krompinger - University of Delaware/Mclean Hospital Harvard Medical School - ERP Indices of Impaired Verb Generation in Depression

Christine Lackner - Brock University - Phase Reset Variables are Differentially Associated with Anxiety and Aggression in a Typically Developing Adolescent Sample

Kyle Mathewson - University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign - Who's Controlling the Brakes? Pulsed Inhibitory Alpha EEG Correlates with Preparatory Activity in the Fronto-Parietal Network Measures Concurrently with the Event-Related Optical Signal (EROS)

Erik Mueller - Marburg University - Neurovisceral Connectivity and Brain Activity Following Negative Feedback - Two COMT VAL158MET Dependent Intermediate Phenotypes for Trait Anxiety

Jan Schweckendiek - University of Giessen - Learning to Like Disgust: Neural Correlates of Counterconditioning

Xin Zheng - Brock University - The N170 Face Inversion Effect is Both Face-Specific and Domain-General: Separate Amplitude and Latency Effects