Welcome to the Sixteenth Semi-Annual SPR Student Newsletter

Fall 2010, Volume 16

This newsletter is created by the SPR committee to Promote Student Interests and is sent to current and recent student members.



This year, SPR will be held in Portland, Oregon from September 29 – October 3, 2010 at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront.  We look forward to seeing you all there!  Please take the time to read though information about the upcoming meeting and some of the exciting things that we are working on bringing to this year’s meeting.

Special Announcements for Students

The SPR Student Travel Award program is designed to assist students without other means of travel support to attend and present research at the SPR annual meeting.  For the 2010 meeting in Portland, 30 awards were presented.  Among these 30 awards, 15 were reserved for North American members and 15 for Non-North American members.  Here are the recipients of the SPR Student Travel Award for the 2010 annual meeting

North American
Nathaniel Anderson, Baylor University
Andrew Bismark, University of Arizona
Herman Diggs, Southern Illinois University
Michael Duke, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Elizabeth Duval, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Anna Gekker, University of Rochester
Kristen Goforth, University of South Florida
Holly Hamilton, University of California Los Angeles
Elliott Hedman, MIT
Lisa Jaremka, University of California Santa-Barbara
Gabriella Johnson, University of Missouri
Curtis Matthews, Texas Tech University
Kristin McCombs, Wheeling Jesuit University
Michelle Patriquin, Virginia Tech University
Lauren Taubitz, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Non-North American
Andrea Carr, University of Tasmania
Fengji Geng, Zhejiang University
Sebastian Geukes, University of Muenster
Mateusz Gola, Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities
Theo Gründler, Max Planck Institute for Neurological Research
Frank Häcker, University of Konstanz
Danielle Mathersul, University of New South Wales
Gabry Mies, University Medical Center Rotterdam
Philipp Reicherts, University of Würzburg
Alicia Sánchez, University of Granada
Julia Schneiders, Saarland University
Preeti Solanki, Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences
Joseph Studer, University of Geneva
Wioleta Walentowska, Jagiellonian University

Roommate Matching – Looking to save some money at the meeting by sharing a room with another student?  The Committee to Promote Student Interests provides roommate matching where possible.  If interested, please email Robin Nusslock (nusslock@gmail.com).

Pre-Conference Workshop Information
Two pre-conference workshops will be offered at the 2010 SPR Annual Meeting.  All pre-conference sessions will be held on Wednesday, September 28.  Register for a pre-conference when you register for the 2010 SPR annual meeting.

Pre-Conference #1 – Fundamentals of Matlab
Pre-Conference #2 – EEGLAB: Basic and advance tools for electrophysiological data analysis

Don’t forget that there are plenty of opportunities to meet and mingle with other SPR students and members.   Here is just a brief sampling of some of the events in the works:

Student Social A “Can’t Miss”!  It will be on Friday night at 10:00 pm.  The location is still being finalized so be on the lookout for updates as the meeting draws near. 

The Open Dinner Meeting with the Committee to Promote Student Interests - The Committee to Promote Student Interests hosts an annual dinner at every SPR meeting. All SPR student members are welcome to attend. Do you have suggestions for improvements in student outreach? Looking to bolster your CV with service to our organization? Would you like to work with one of our many subcommittees on issues relevant to your research? The dinner meeting will be held on Friday, October 1st at 8:15 pm at the Newport Seafood Grill at Riverplace (www.newportseafoodgrill.com), 0425 SW Montgomery, 97201, about a 5-6 minute walk from the Portland Marriott.  Please come with your appetite and opinions and then everyone can head out to the student social afterward! 

Early Career Conversation Hour - Thursday, September 30, 8:15-10:15 PM in Salon I
Don't miss this opportunity to discuss early career issues with some of SPR's leading scientists!  During the first hour the entire panel will be available for questions. During the second hour we will split into three groups to allow for more specific questions based on career phase - early and late graduate school, postdocs, and junior faculty.  The panel will consist of faculty from a variety of institutions, including those in and outside the US. Panelists will include Wendy Heller, Dave Amodio, and Jim Coan, along with additional panelists yet to be determined. A casual dinner will be served. Advance registration is requested, so please register by contacting Catherine Norris (catherine.j.norris@dartmouth.edu).

Roundtable Discussions -This year, there will once again be the opportunity to participate in the Roundtable Discussions. Each topic will be led by one or more leaders in their respective fields. To register, please contact Drew Nelesen at dnelesen@reesgroupinc.com. For questions on a particular roundtable, please contact Heather Urry at heather.urry@tufts.edu or Greg Hajcak at hajcak@gmail.com. Attendance is limited to 8 people at each roundtable. Confirm your attendance prior to October 1!  (Each roundtable discussion still has open seats so contact Drew Nelesen at dnelesen@reesgroupinc.com to register.)

  • Errors and Negative Feedback (Greg Hajcak and Clay Holroyd)
  • Eyeblink Startle Reflex (Larry Hawk and Christine Larson)
  • Combining FMRI and Autonomic Psychophysiology (Greg Siegle and Carien van Reekum)
  • Heart Rate Variability (Dick Jennings and Julian Thayer)
  • Setting up a Psychophysiology Laboratory (John J.B. Allen and John Curtin)
  • Principal Components Analysis of ERP Data (Joe Dien and Jurgen Kayser)
  • Time-Frequency Analysis (Ed Bernat and Phan Luu)

Special Interest Lunches & Dinners - These events are a wonderful way to connect with others who share your research interests. Typically, the events are organized on an ongoing basis and are announced in various ways (over email, on the website, and posted on the message board at the conference), so keep checking back for topics that pique your special interest. Remember, these are typically no-host meals, which means bring your own funds.

Women in Science and Education Lunch Box Discussion – The Committee to Promote Student Interests plans to have the 5th annual WISE luncheon at the Portland 2010 meeting.  Our theme this year is career interruption and workforce re-entry.  Please email Stacie Warren at swarren3@illinois.edu to RSVP for the luncheon by September 22nd.

Previous lunches have been big successes and past topics have included: coordinating dual careers in academia, negotiation, and women in leadership.  If you would like to join this committee, and/or have ideas for this year’s luncheon theme, please contact Stacie Warren.

If you would like to join the W.I.S.E. listserv, please email John Hofmann (jhofmann@reesgroupinc.com) of SPR's management group with the subject "Subscribe SPR-WISE." Once you have signed up, you can share your ideas regarding how SPR might best serve its female members and participate in engaging email discussions covering a wide range of topics (e.g., career development, quality of life, mentoring, diversity, etc.).


The Meeting Events subcommittee is working on ensuring that the Portland meeting is as successful as Berlin 2009.  Here are a few things we’re looking forward to in Portland:

Voodoo Doughnut: As seen on No Reservations and Man v. Food, Voodoo Doughnut is an
independently owned donut shop that is the home of the Portland Crème (the official donut of the city of Portland), the Bacon Maple bar, and numerous other original creations.  Open 24 hours!
McMenamins: McMenamins converts old buildings to pubs and movie theaters. There is one
such converted theater about 1.5 miles from the hotel, called “Mission Theatre.” Previously a Swedish Evangelical Mission and the Longshoreman’s Union, it now serves beer and wine and pub food and shows films for only $3.
Stumptown Coffee: They ‘take coffee very seriously,’ but they’re not mean about it. The
downtown location also has beer and wine and is about a mile from the hotel.
The Pearl District: The Pearl District is an area roughly a mile long and is bordered by West
Burnside Street, the 405 Freeway, and the Willamette River.  It's home to a diverse set of art galleries, shops, eateries, and urban parks--plus, there's free public wifi in the entire neighborhood.
Powell’s City of Books (located in the Pearl District): One full city block, Powell’s is home to
more than a million books, as well as a coffee shop and an art gallery.
The Saturday Market: Housed under the Burnside bridge every Saturday and Sunday, the
market is home to hundreds of vendors selling handmade goods or peddling food in the international food court. Look (or look out) for buskers, jugglers and mimes wandering the aisles.
Forest Park: With more than 5,000 acres, 50 miles of trails, and 30 miles of bikeways, Portland
boasts the single largest city park in the United States. Go for a run, stay because you can’t find your way out again.


The interview subcommittee interviewed Ursula Hess for the SPR member interview.  



SPR - Forum to Facilitate International Lab Exchange and Collaboration

The 50th Annual Meeting of the Society for Psychophysiological Research held in Portland, Oregon, USA, on September 29 - October 3, 2010 provides a unique opportunity for international networking in the field of psychophysiology. The International Students Subcommittee of the SPR Committee to Promote Student Interests is organizing a special initiative to promote international lab exchange and collaboration. A special poster session will feature international psychophysiology laboratories. These labs will present their country, research institution, and potential research and job opportunities at their lab with the goal of attracting scientists from other countries. This platform is organized to facilitate international collaboration between labs and foreign scientists as well as other kinds of student or human resource exchange between countries. Posters will be displayed throughout the conference in the Exhibit Hall where all other poster boards will be located. Presenters will be available at the posters during the morning coffee break on Thursday, Sept. 30th, and Friday, Oct. 1st 10:00 am to 10:30 am (during the coffee breaks). This time is intended to initiate discussion, clarify questions, and develop sustainable relationships.

Please contact Stefan M. Schulz at the University of Würzburg (schulz@psychologie.uni-wuerzburg.de) if you have questions related to the Forum to Facilitate International Lab Exchange and Collaboration.

There are still a few open slots. If your lab would be interested in presenting,
please also contact Stefan Schulz as soon as possible to sign up.


Are you interested in research that integrates psychophysiology and clinical science? Do you conduct basic psychophysiology or fMRI research that has clinical applications? Do you employ psychophysiology or fMRI methods to study clinical populations? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should consider joining the Clinical Psychophysiology Subcommittee. The aims of this committee are to create networking opportunities among clinical psychophysiologists, to facilitate discussions about clinical applications of psychophysiology and fMRI research, and to stimulate collaborations among clinical psychophysiologists across the globe. If you are interested in joining the Clinical Psychophysiology Subcommittee, please contact Julie Hall (halljl@umich.edu)!


Are your needs being met? Please feel free to contact members of the committee with suggestions, questions, comments, or to bond with a fellow psychophysiologist, click below.