Welcome to the Eighteenth Semi-Annual SPR Student Newsletter

Fall 2011, Volume 18

This newsletter is created by the SPR committee to Promote Student Interests and is sent to current and recent student members.


I. SPR conference in Boston, Massachusetts

  • SPR Student Travel Award Winners
  • Meet and Mingle with Other Members
  • Roommate Matching
  • Pre-Conference Information
  • The Open Meeting with the Committee to Promote Student Interests
  • Early Career Conversation Hour
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Special Interest Lunches & Dinners
  • Teaching Psychophysiology
  • Women in Science and Education (W.I.S.E.) Lunch Box Discussion

II. Things to do in Boston
III. Interview with Andrea De Cesarei
IV. Update from the Clinical Psychophysiology Subcommittee
V. Update from the International Students Subcommittee
VI. How to contact members of the Committee to Promote Student Interests


This year, SPR will be held in Boston, Massachusetts from September 14 – 18, 2011 at the Westin Boston Waterfront.  We look forward to seeing you all there!  Please take the time to read though information about the upcoming meeting and some of the exciting things that we are working on bringing to this year’s meeting.

SPR Student Travel Award program winners In this sixth year for the SPR Student Travel Award program, SPR has once again allocated funds for 30 travel awards. Fifteen of these were specifically reserved for award winners within North America, who will receive $500 USD to assist with their travel accommodations while attending SPR. The other 15 awards were reserved for non-North American members who will receive $1000 USD. To be eligible, student members must:

  1. reside outside a 500 mile radius from the annual meeting
  2. be the first author on a poster or paper accepted for presentation at the annual meeting
  3. be up to date with dues, or have applied for new membership status
  4. still have pre-doctoral status (i.e., must not have received their PhD by the time of the meeting)

In addition, student members with travel funds available from the laboratory in which they work are not eligible.

This year, 146 students applied for the Student Travel Award, submitting first-authored abstracts which were accepted for presentation. A lottery among these student members was conducted, and eligibility was verified with advisors, resulting in the recipients listed below.

Congratulations to the Recipients of SPR Student Travel Awards 2011:

North American

  • James, Broadway, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Tracy Brown, Brigham Young University
  • Ty Brumback, University of South Florida
  • Peter Clayson, Brigham Young University
  • Jenna Dietz, University of Florida
  • Brett Ford, University of Denver
  • Glen Forester, University of South Florida
  • Jonathan Klaphake, University of Minnesota
  • Kimberly Lewis, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Jared McGinley, Virginia Tech University
  • Laura Noll, Yale University (traveling from Eugene, OR)
  • David Schaeffer, University of Georgia
  • Derek Spangler, Virginia Tech University
  • David Tang, Texas A&M University
  • Dragana Vidovic, University of Minnesota

Non-North American

  • Manuela Alius, University of Greifswald
  • Megan Barnsley, University of Exeter
  • Simone Messerotti Benvenuti, University of Padova
  • Jennifer Bruder, University of Munich
  • Anna-Pavlina Charalambous, University of Essex
  • Mareike Finke, University of Barcelona
  • Daniel Fürth, Stockholm Centre for Psychiatric Research
  • Mauro Larra y Ramirez, University of Trier
  • Oleksander Manalov, Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Christine Naegele, University of Konstanz
  • Irina Polikanova, Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Alexandra Puchkova, Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Freya Rumball, University of Exeter
  • Beate Schuermann, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • Charlotte Tye, Kings College London

Opportunities to Meet and MingleDon’t forget that there are plenty of opportunities to meet and mingle with other SPR students and members.  Here is just a brief sampling of some of the special interest lunches, dinners, and meetings in the works:

The Student Social – A “can’t miss”!  Time and location will be finalized as the meeting draws near.

Roommate Matching– Looking to save some money at the meeting by sharing a room with another student?  The Committee to Promote Student Interests provides roommate matching where possible.  If interested, please email Robin Nusslock (nusslock@gmail.com).

Pre-Conference Workshop Information
Three pre-conference workshops will be offered at the 2011 SPR Annual Meeting.  All pre-conference sessions will be held on Wednesday, September 28.  Register for a pre-conference when you register for the 2011 SPR annual meeting.

Pre-Conference #1 ERP Mini-Boot Camp (2-day; Led by Steve Luck). 

Pre-Conference #2Genetics and epigenetics (1-day; Led by Eco de Geus, additional speakers include Gareth Davie, Benjamin NealeAndrew Brooks, and Ahmad Hariri

Pre-Conference #3 Eye-tracking and pupillometry (1-day; Led by Frank Marchak).

The Open Meeting with the Committee to Promote Student Interests - (Friday, September 16th at 8:15 p.m., Adams Room) Do you have suggestions for improvements in student outreach?  Looking to bolster your CV with service to our organization?  Would you like to work with one of our many subcommittees on issues relevant to your research?  The Committee to Promote Student Interests hosts an annual committee meeting each year.  All SPR student members are welcome to attend.  Please come with your opinions!

Early Career Conversation Hour (Thursday, September 15th from 8:15 – 10:15 p.m., Lewis Room)– Don't miss this opportunity to discuss early career issues with some of SPR's leading scientists!  During the first hour, the entire panel will be available for questions.  During the second hour, we will split into three groups to allow for more specific questions based on career phase - early and late graduate school, postdocs, and junior faculty. The panel will consist of faculty (see panel list below) from a variety of institutions, including those in and outside the US. A casual dinner will be served. Advance registration is requested, so please register by contacting Robin Nusslock (nusslock@northwestern.edu). The deadline to register is Wednesday, September 7.

This Year's Panel List:

  • James Coan - University of Virgina
  • Johanna Kissler - University of Konstanz
  • Jason Moser - Michigan State University
  • Stephan Moratti - Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Monica Fabiani - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Sarah Sass - University of Texas at Tyler
  • Eddie Harmon - Jones, Texas A&M
  • Echo Leaver - University of South Carolina Aiken

Roundtable Discussions – The roundtable discussions provide an opportunity to discuss a topic of particular interest with experts on the subject in an informal setting (and with free lunch!). This year, there will again be the opportunity to participate in the Roundtable Discussions. Each topic will be led by one or more leaders in their respective fields. To register, please contact Drew Nelesen (meetings@sprweb.org). For questions on a particular roundtable, please contact Carien van Reekum (c.vanreekum@reading.ac.uk) or Bruce Friedman (bhfriedm@vt.edu). Attendance is limited to 8 people at each roundtable. Confirm your attendance prior to Wednesday, September 7!

This Year's Roundtable Discussions:

  • Methodological Issues in Blood Pressure Assessment (Michael Allen, Mustafa al'Absi)
  • Methodological Issues in Development Psychophysiology (Nancy Snidman, Rosalind Picard)
  • Eyeblink Startle (Christine Larson, Terry Blumenthal)
  • Genetics, Brain, and Behavior (Diego Pizzagalli, Eco de Geus)
  • Source Localization (Don Tucker, Phan Luu)
  • Emotion Regulation (Heather Urry, Carien van Reekum)

Special Interest Lunches & Dinners As in previous years, small group lunches and dinners will be held to provide an informal setting for people to meet and share common interests. If space remains available following advance registration, sign-up sheets will be posted in the SPR Registration Area on the announcements board.

Special Interest Lunch
Deception Detection Research
Friday, September 16, 2011 11:30 A.M.–1:00 P.M.
Contact: Frank M. Marchak at fmarchak@vradc.com

Teaching Psychophysiology The Education and Training Committee is currently developing a set of teaching materials to be used for courses in psychophysiology, which can be accessed through the SPR website: http://www.sprweb.org/teaching/index.cfm. If any students have suggestions for specific materials or topics that would facilitate their learning of psychophysiology, suggestions can be sent to Heather Urry (heather.urry@tufts.edu).

Women in Science and Education Lunch Box Discussion (Friday, September 16th from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., Commonwealth Ballroom C) – The Committee to Promote Student Interests will be hosting a luncheon focused on Women in Science and Education. Please join us for the Sixth Annual Women in Science Lunch Box Discussion at the Boston 2011. The focus of this lunch is on promoting membership retention among diverse populations in SPR. Past topics have included: coordinating dual careers in academia, negotiation, and women in leadership. This year we are pleased to have Dr. Tiffany Ito, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Colorado at Boulder as a guest speaker. Dr. Ito has publishedin a variety of leading journals including the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Science and Psychophysiology.

Though a goal of WISE is to promote gender diversity in SPR, it is not just for women. Men are strongly encouraged to attend! If you have any suggestions for this event, and/or if you are interested in participating in the W.I.S.E. Committee and helping with the luncheon, please contact Erika Henry (erika.henry@colorado.edu). Please email Sarah Lust (salxr6@mail.mizzou.edu) to RSVP for the luncheon by Wednesday, September 7.

If you would like to join the W.I.S.E. listserv, please email John Hofmann jhofmann@reesgroupinc.com) of SPR's management group with the subject "Subscribe SPR-WISE." Once you have signed up, you can share your ideas regarding how SPR might best serve its female members and participate in engaging email discussions covering a wide range of topics (e.g., career development, quality of life, mentoring, diversity, etc.).

Check out a list of things to do in Boston, compiled by fellow SPR members.  This list includes information about museums, entertainment, attractions, places to eat, places to drink, and a couple locations that are truly local (Boston_Things_to-do.doc).

The interview subcommittee interviewed Andrea De Cesarei for the SPR member interview.  


Are you interested in research that integrates psychophysiology and clinical science? Do you conduct basic psychophysiology, such as autonomic, EEG, MEG, or fMRI research that has clinical applications? Do you employ such methods to study clinical populations?If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should consider joining the Clinical Psychophysiology Subcommittee. The aims of this committee are to create networking opportunities among clinical psychophysiologists, to facilitate discussions about clinical applications of psychophysiological research, and to stimulate collaborations among clinical psychophysiologists across the globe. If you are interested in joining the Clinical Psychophysiology Subcommittee, please contact Julie Hall(halljl@umich.edu)!


The International Student Subcommittee supports integration of students from all over the world within the SPR community. We organize contact sessions at the annual meeting, spread information through our social networks to get the word out how incredibly welcoming and open minded the SPR community is, in particular to young aspiring students, and we try to promote a global perspective on psychophysiological issues within the SPR student community. We are also in need of one or two new members to help organize and bring new ideas to this subcommittee. If interested, please contact Rebecca Houston (rhouston@ria.buffalo.edu ).


Are your needs being met? Please feel free to contact members of the committee with suggestions, questions, comments, or to bond with a fellow psychophysiologist, click below.