Spring 2009, Volume 13

This newsletter is created by the SPR Committee to Promote Student Interests and is sent to current and recent student and full SPR members.



This year, SPR will be held in Berlin, Germany from October 21-24, 2009 at the Berliner Congress Center. Travel and other conference-related information will be mailed out in late May. Don't forget to submit your abstracts by May 1st, 2009. Abstracts can be submitted online by clicking here. We look forward to seeing you all there! Please take the time to read through some of the exciting things that we are working on bringing to this year's meeting.

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Special Announcements for Students

Be sure to submit your abstracts so you can be eligible for a Tursky Poster Award (to be judged at the conference). What a great opportunity to boost your CV and get the recognition you deserve. Make sure you check the appropriate boxes when submitting your abstract to make sure you are entered into the competition!

The SPR Student Travel Award program will again be in place this year. The intent of the SPR Student Travel Awards is to assist students without other means of travel support to attend and present research at the SPR annual meeting. For the 2009 meeting in Berlin, 30 awards of $500 each will be available for student members presenting at the SPR meeting. Among these 30 awards, Among these 30 awards, 15 will be reserved for European members and 15 for non-European members. To be included in the lottery for one of these awards, you simply complete the brief online application on the SPR website at the time of abstract submission. This application is embedded within the abstract submission page. Click here for details.

Any student member who lives further than 500 miles from Berlin, and who is the first author on a poster or paper accepted for presentation at the SPR annual meeting is eligible. Current SPR members must be up to date with dues, but prospective members that apply and pay dues by the time of poster or paper submission deadline will be eligible.

SPR will also be sponsoring the SPR Research Fellowship Training Award. Read more here.

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Don't forget that there are plenty of opportunities to meet and mingle with other SPR students and members. Here is just a brief sampling of some of the special interest lunches, dinners, and meetings in the works:

The Student Social - A "can't miss"! Time and location will be finalized as the meeting draws near.

The Open Dinner Meeting with the Committee to Promote Student Interests - The Committee to Promote Student Interests hosts an annual dinner at every SPR meeting. All SPR student members are welcome to attend. Do you have suggestions for improvements in student outreach? Looking to bolster your CV with service to our organization? Would you like to work with one of our many subcommittees on issues relevant to your research? Please come with your appetite and opinions! Time, date, and location will be announced as we get closer to the meeting.

Early Careers Conversation Hour - An informative meeting with a panel of SPR investigators at different career levels who share advice, tips, and tricks of the trade; followed by an hour of small group discussion tailored for students at different levels of their careers. A must attend for any student approaching the 'real world'! This is one of the most well-attended events.

Special Interest Lunches & Dinners - These events are a wonderful way to connect with others who share your research interests. Typically, the events are organized on an ongoing basis and are announced in various ways (over email, on the website, and posted on the message board at the conference), so keep checking back for topics that pique your special interest. Remember, these are typically no-host meals, which means bring your own funds.

Roundtable Discussions -This year, there will once again be the opportunity to participate in the Roundtable Discussions. Each topic will be led by one or more leaders in their respective fields. To register, please contact Drew Nelesen at dnelesen@reesgroupinc.com. For questions on a particular roundtable, please contact Heather Urry at heather.urry@tufts.edu or Greg Hajcak at hajcak@gmail.com. Attendance is limited to 14 people at each roundtable. Confirm your attendance prior to October 1!

  • Clinical Psychophysiology and Neuroimaging (Julie Hall and Greg Siegle)
  • Developmental Psychophysiology (Sid Segalowitz and John Richards)
  • EEG Asymmetry (Jenny Stewart and Eddie Harmon-Jones)
  • Heart Rate Variability (Dick Jennings and Julian Thayer)
  • Learning and Fear Conditioning (John Curtin and Ottmar Lipp)
  • Setting up a Psychophysiology Laboratory (Wendy Heller and Greg Miller)

W.I.S.E. - The Committee to Promote Student Interests will be hosting a luncheon focused on Women in Science and Education. Please join us for the Fourth Annual Women in Science Lunch Box Discussion on Friday, 10/23/09 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Topic is TBA. All SPR members, including men, are invited to attend. If you have any suggestions for this event, and/or if you are interested in participating in the W.I.S.E. committee and helping with the luncheon, please contact Stacie Warren at swarren3@illinois.edu. If you would like to join the W.I.S.E. listserv, please email John Hofmann (jhofmann@reesgroupinc.com) of SPR's management group with the subject "Subscribe SPR-WISE." Once you've signed up, you can share your ideas regarding how SPR might best serve its female members.

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Please keep your eyes peeled for the Fall Newsletter where we will present a complete listing of things to do, sights to see, and places to eat.


The interview committee presents an interview with Dr. Tatjana Aue. Please check out this very informative interview with a researcher who has had experience working in both the U.S. and Europe. Stay tuned for another interview in the Fall!

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Don't miss this year's Early Career Conversation Hour!

Date and time to be determined, but it will likely be Thursday evening.

Don't miss this opportunity to discuss early career issues with some of SPR's leading scientists! During the first hour the entire panel will be available for questions. During the second hour we will split into three groups to allow for more specific questions based on career phase. The panel will include faculty from a variety of institutions, including graduate and predominantly undergraduate institutions, as well as both U.S. and non-U.S. institutions. As the meeting is in Berlin this year a bigger emphasis will be placed on early career issues that students, post-docs, and junior faculty in non-U.S. institutions may face. A casual dinner will be served. Advance registration is requested, so please register when more detailed information about this year's SPR program is sent out. If you have suggestions or questions regarding this event, please contact Catherine Norris (catherine.j.norris@dartmouth.edu) or Chris Larson (larsoncl@uwm.edu).

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The SPR Student Web Subcommittee continues to work closely with the Rees Group to provide our community with updates and information relevant to students, postdocs, and faculty! We are currently looking for a new chair of this committee - so if you are interested, please contact Jenny Robinson (jenny@jennyrobinson.org) for more information!

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The international students subcommittee is surveying students' needs. To prepare for the upcoming SPR meeting in Berlin, we want to sample some of the ideas, needs, and concerns of SPR student members. All students - both U.S. and international - are invited to take part in the survey. We are eager to know your opinion in order to better respond
to SPR student needs!

Completing the survey will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

Take the survey now: http://www.unipark.de/uc/HH_UniHamburg_Petersen/7e10/

Thank you for participating! We will do our best to implement any improvements suggested by the outcome of the survey.

And special thanks to Sibylle Petersen for the unipark account!

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Are you interested in research that integrates psychophysiology and clinical science? Do you conduct basic psychophysiology or fMRI research that has clinical applications? Do you employ psychophysiology or fMRI methods to study clinical populations? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should consider joining the Clinical Psychophysiology Subcommittee. The aims of this committee are to create networking opportunities among clinical psychophysiologists, to facilitate discussions about clinical applications of psychophysiology and fMRI research, and to stimulate collaborations among clinical psychophysiologists across the globe. If you are interested in joining the Clinical Psychophysiology Subcommittee, please contact Julie Hall (halljl@umich.edu)!


The Committee to Promote Student Interests and the Education and Training Committee are pleased to announce that SPR will once again provide up to three Research Fellowship Training Awards. The award will allow students, postdocs, or faculty to obtain mentorship/training in psychophysiological assessment/analysis with experts in the field, which they could not get at their home institution. This could involve travel to a remote site or travel expenses for a remote mentor to visit the applicant's lab, as well as the purchase of some necessary equipment. Students at any level of training and faculty from primarily undergraduate institutions are especially encouraged to apply, as the award is designed to enhance student training in psychophysiology. Applications must be received via email by September 1, 2009. Applications are short (3-5 pages), have a budget of up to $5000, and funds will be available approximately 1 month following the application due date. Up to $500 of these funds can be used to defray conference travel costs. Recipients will be announced at the Saturday Business Luncheon at the annual meeting in Berlin. Eligibility for the award requires attendance at the 2009 SPR meeting; awardees should plan to attend the business lunch unless religious restrictions prevent them from doing so. Questions can be directed to Dr. Greg Hajcak (hajcak@gmail.com) or Dr. Greg Siegle (gsiegle@pitt.edu). Click here for more details on the application process.


Are your needs being met? Please feel free to contact members of the committee with suggestions, questions, comments, or to bond with a fellow psychophysiologist, click below.

Contact the SPR Committee to Promote Student Interests!

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