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Archives Committee
*William Iacono, University of Minnesota (2015-2018, 2018-2021)
Jim Coan, University of Virginia (2017-2020)
Chad Forbes, University of Delaware (2019-2022)

Bylaws Committee
*Rebecca Houston, Rochester Institute of Technology (2017-2020)
Gary Berntson, Ohio State University (2017-2020)
Michael Inzlicht, University of Toronto  (2018-2021)

Committee to Promote Student Interests 
* Sarah Sass, University of Texas at Tyler(2017-2020)
~ Catherine Norris, Swarthmore College (2017-2020)
~ Jolie Wormwood, Northeastern University (2017-2020)
Non-Student Members * = appointed
Anna Finley, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2019-2021) 
Dan Foti, Purdue University (2018-2020) 
Katie Hoemann, Northeastern University (2019-2021
Echo Leaver, Salisbury University (2018-2020) 
Annika Lutz, University of Luxembourg (2019-2021)
Jared McGinley, Towson University (2018-2020) 
Lauren Neal, University of Texas, Permian Basin (2019-2021)
Jeffrey Sable, Christian Brothers University (2018-2020)
Takakuni Suzuki, University of Michigan (2019-2021) 
Laura Zambrano-Vazquez, VISN 17 Center of Excellence (2018-2020) 
Student members with terms that expire at the end of the 2020 meeting
Mariane Bacelar, Auburn University (2018-2020)
Cassandra Baldwin, Texas A&M University 
Elizabeth Bauer, Texas A & M University (2018-2020) 
Erik Benau, University of Kansas (2018-2020) 
Grace Clements, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) (2018-2020
Amanda Ferguson, University of Toronto, Canada (2018-2020) 
Zoe Francis, University of Toronto, Canada, (2018-2020) 
Clara Freeman, McGill University, Canada (2018-2020)
James Glazer, Northwestern University (2018-2020) 
Ludger Hartley, Northeastern University (2018-2020) 
Amanda Hautmann, Rochester Institute of Technology (2018-2020) 
Nick Kelley, Northwestern University (2018-2020
Christopher Klinke, University of Wuerzburg (2018-2020)
Laura Kress, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland (2018-2020) 
Micayla Lacey, University of Alabama (2018-2020)
Hause Lin, University of Toronto (2018-2020)
Fae McEleney, University of Massachussetts Dartmouth (2018-2020)
Takuma Nishimura University of Toronto, Canada, (2018-2020) 
Jared Ruchensky, Texas A & M University (2018-2020) 
Aislinn Sandre, McGill University, Quebec, Canada, (2018-2020) 
Matthias Sperl, University of Marburg (2018-2020) 
Yannik Stegmann, University of Wuerzburg (2018-2020) 
Hunter Threadgill, University of Alabama (2018-2020) 
Martin Weiss, University of Wuerzburg (2018-2020) 
Ricardo Wilhelm, University of Alabama (2018-2020) 
Philipp Ziebell, University of Wuerzburg (2018-2020) 
Student Members with terms that expire at the end of the 2021 meeting
Iulia Banica, McGill University (2019-2021) 
David Cole, Utah State University (2019-2021)
Paige Ethridge, McGill University (2019-2021
Katie Garrison, Texas A & M University (2019-2021
Zachary Gemelli, University of Massachusetts (2019-2020) 
Bryan Jackson, Texas A & M University (2019-2021
Fabienne McEleney, Brown University (2019-2021) 
Keisha Novak, Purdue University (2019-2021
Taylor Popp, (2019-2021) 
Andrew Rauch, Loyola University Chicago (2019-2021)

Convention Sites Committee
*Johannes Hewig, University of Wuerzburg (2017-2020)
*Michael Larson, Brigham Young University (2019-2022)

Kimmo Alho, University of Helsinki (2018-2021)
Annemarie MacNamara, Texas A&M University (2019-2022)
Nicole Prause 
John Sollers, North Carolina Central University (2018-2021)
§Christine Larson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Secretary)
§Jane Shepard, The Rees Group (Director of Meetings)

Distinguished Contributions to Psychophysiology Award Committee (2019-2020)
Bruce Bartholow, University of Missouri-Columbia (President)
Markus Ullsperger, Otto von Guericke (President-Elect)
Ursula Hess, Humboldt University Berlin (Past President)

Diversity & Outreach Committee
*Lisa Gatzke-Kopp, Pennsylvania State University (2018-2021)
*Frini Karayanidis, University of Newcastle (2018-2021)
Wendy D’Andrea-Mirkin, The New School (2017-2020)
Hsu-Wen (Danni) Huang, City University, Hong Kong (2017-2020)
Pierre Jolicoeur, University of Montreal (2019-2020)
Laura Zambrano-Vazquez, VISN 17 Center of Excellence(2017-2020)
Cassandra Baldwin, Texas A&M University (student representative)

Early Career Award Committee
*Terry Blumenthal, Wake Forest University (2018-2021)
Eddie Harmon-Jones, University of New South Wales (2019-2022)
Sharna Jamadar, Monash University (2017-2020)

Education and Training Committee
Dan Foti, Purdue University (2018-2019, 2020-21, not serving as Chair 2019-2020 because serving as Program Chair)
*Philip Gable, University of Alabama (Chair for 2019-2020 while Dan Foti serves as Program Chair, term as member: 2018-2021)
Rebecca Compton, Haverford College (2017-2020)
Brennan Payne, University of Utah (2017-2020)
Emily Kappenman, San Diego State University (2018-2021)
Sarah Sass, University of Texas at Tyler (Chair of Committee to Promote Student Interests, 2017-2020)
Jason Moser, Michigan State University (2018-2021)

Ethical Principles Committee 
*W. Keith Berg, University of Florida (2017-2020)

Finance Committee 
*Erin Hazlett (Treasurer), Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (2019-2022)
John Curtin, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2018-2021)
Greg Hajcak, Florida State University (2019-2022)

§Susan Rees, The Rees Group (Director)

Membership Committee
*Sylvia Kreibig, Stanford University (2018-2021)
Tatjana Aue, Universität Bern (2018-2021)

Nominating Committee (2019-2020) 
*Kara Federmeier, University of Illinois
Cristina Ottaviani, Sapienza University of Rome
Paul Pauli, University of Wurzburg
Natalie Phillips, Concordia University
Lani Shiota, Arizona State University

Program Committee (2019-2020)
*Dan Foti, Purdue University (2020 Program Chair)
Catherine Norris, Swarthmore College (2019 Program Chair)
Jan Wessel, University of Iowa (2021 Program Chair)
Brandon Alderman, Rutgers University
Kerstin Brinkmann, University of Geneva
Mary Burleson, Arizona State University
James Cavanagh, University of New Mexico
Hedwig Eisenbarth, Victoria University
Phillip Gable, University of Alabama
Kaylin Hill (student member), Purdue University
Markus Junghoffer, University of Munster
Johanna Kissler, University of Bielefeld
Echo Leaver, Salisbury University
Lisa McTeague, Medical University of South Carolina
Stephan Moratti, Compultense University of Madird
Jason Moser, Michigan State University
Lauren Neal, University of Alabama
Greg Norman, University of Chicago
Keisha Novak (student member), Purdue University
Dean Sabatinelli, University of Georgia
Jeff Sable, Christian Brothers University
Matthias Sperl, University of Giessen
Eric Vanman, University of Queensland
Anna Weinberg, McGill University

Publication Committee
*Cindy Yee-Bradbury, University of California, Los Angeles (2018-2021)
Steve Hackley, University of Missouri-Columbia (2018-2021)
John Allen, University of Arizona (2019-2022)
Alfons Hamm, University of Greifswald (2017-2020)

Public Relations Committee 
*Nicole Roberts, Arizona State University (2016-2019, 2019-2022)
Ed Bernat, University of Maryland (2019-2022)
Jim Cavanagh, University of New Mexico (2019-2022)
Julian Thayer, Ohio State University (2018-2021)
Dan Foti, Purdue University (2020 Program Chair)
Aminda O'Hare, Weber State University (2019-2022)
Philip Gable, University of Alabama (2019-2020 Interim ETC Chair)

Arvid Kappas, Jacobs University (2018-2021)
Annemarie MacNamara, Texas A&M University (2017-2020)
Erik Mueller, Phillips University of Marburg  (2017-2020)
Monica Fabiani, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Journal Editor in Chief)

Student Poster Award Committee (2019-2020) 
*Ursula Hess, Humboldt University Berlin (Past President, 2019-2020)

Women in Science and Education (WISE) Committee
*Edelyn Verona, University of South Florida (2019-2022)
Aminda O’Hare, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth (2017-2020)
Elizabeth Page-Gould, University of Toronto (2017-2020)
Laura Zambrano-Vasquez, VISN 17 Center of Excellence (2017-2020)
Micayla Lacey, University of Alabama (2018-2021) (Student Representative)
Lauren Bylsma, University of Pittsburgh (2019-2022)
Elizabeth Duval, University of Michigan (2016-2019)
Alexandria Meyer, Florida State University (2019-2022)
Karen Quigley, Northeastern University (2019-2022)
Rebecca Silton, Loyola University (2019-2020)
Tatjana Aue, Universitat Bern (2018-2021) (Liaison to Membership Committee)

Council Representative to FABBS
Scott Vrana, Virginia Commonwealth University (2019-2020)

Affiliate Representative to AAAS
Frances H. Gabbay, Uniformed Services Unviersity(2018-2021)

Liaison to Societies Consortium on Sexual Harassment in STEMM
Edelyn Verona, University of South Florida (2019-2022)

Ad Hoc Website Committee
*Jens Foell, Florida State University
Kaylin Hill, Purdue University
Annika Lutz, University of Luxembourg
Nicole Roberts, Arizona State University
Aislinn Sandra, McGill University
Alex Faunce, Virginia Tech


*Committee Chair

§Ex-Officio Member

~Appointed Non-Student Members

Revised: 11/6/2019

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