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2017-2018 Roster of SPR Officers, Board Members and Staff

Note: Except where indicated, terms begin and end at the close of the Saturday business meeting of the SPR convention. Terms (in parentheses) indicate the first Sunday Board meeting to the last Wednesday Board meeting.

Legend: § non-voting member of the board

Revised: 12/05/2017

Kara Federmeier, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (President, 2017- 2018)
Cindy Yee-Bradbury, University of California, Los Angeles (Past President, 2017- 2018)
Ursula Hess, Humboldt University Berlin (President-Elect, 2017- 2018)
Christine Larson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Secretary, 2017-2020)
Greg Hajcak, Florida State University (Treasurer, 2016- 2019)

Board of Directors, Members at Large
Paul Corballis, University of Auckland (2016-2019)
Bruce Friedman, Virginia Tech (2015-2018)
Sarah Laszlo, Google[X] (2016-2019)
Lisa McTeague, Medical University of South Carolina (2017-2020)
§Gregory A. Miller, University of California, Los Angeles (2015-2018)
Jason Moser, Michigan State University (2017-2020)
Michelle Shiota, Arizona State University (2015-2018)
§Sarah Sass, University of Texas at Tyler (Committee to Promote Student Interests; 2017-2020)

Editor, Psychophysiology
Monica Fabiani, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1/2015-12/2017, approved for 1/2018-12/2020)

SPR Management Office
Susan Rees (Director)
Ashley Alba (Volunteer Initiatives Manager)
Rob Winters (Member Services Coordinator)
Jane Shepard (Director of Meetings)



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