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Founded in 1964, Psychophysiology is the most established journal in the world specifically dedicated to the dissemination of psychophysiological science. The journal continues to play a key role in advancing human neuroscience in its many forms and methodologies (including central and peripheral measures), covering research on the interrelationships between the physiological and psychological aspects of brain and behavior. Typically, studies published in Psychophysiology include psychological independent variables and noninvasive physiological dependent variables (hemodynamic, optical, and electromagnetic brain imaging and/or peripheral measures such as respiratory sinus arrhythmia, electromyography, pupillography, and many others). The majority of studies published in the journal involve human participants, but work using animal models of such phenomena is occasionally published. For additional information regarding the aims and scope of the journal see Fabiani, 2015.

Psychophysiology publishes original, full-length articles in any area of psychophysiological research: theoretical papers, experimental studies, evaluative reviews of literature, and methodological developments (e.g., novel experimental and recording procedures and statistical analyses). Archival documents of the Society for Psychophysiological Research (such as award citations and obituaries) are also published in the journal. Letters to the Editor or commentary papers on other articles are not accepted.


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Threatening the heart and mind of gender stereotypes: Can imagined contact influence the physiology of stereotype threat?

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