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This section of the SPR website is designed to facilitate the teaching of undergraduate and graduate courses in psychophysiology. This site is a work in progress by the Education and Training Committee. If you would like to submit materials to include on this site or recommendations for further useful content, please contact the chair, Jason Moser jmoser@msu.edu.

Lecture Materials & Syllabi

All lecture materials are provided in a zipped archive (.zip) to facilitate download of multiple files. A free evaluation version of Winzip is available to access the files in these archives. Editable versions of the lecture materials are provided in Microsoft Powerpoint format (.ppt) when available. Editable versions of the syllabi are provided in Microsoft Word format (.doc).

Both lectures and syllabi are also available as pdf files (.pdf). PDF files can be opened, viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free from Adobe.

  • Principles of Psychophysiology [syllabus: links; pdf ] [ videotaped course]
    John Allen; University of Arizona
  • Graduate Psychophysiology lecture materials: pdf; ppt] [syllabus: pdf]
    John Curtin & Eddie Harmon-Jones; University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Psychophysiology: Methods and Applications [syllabus: pdf]
    Ottmar Lipp; University of Queensland
  • Human Psychophysiology [syllabus: see website]
    Al Porterfield; Oberlin College
  • Seminar on Cognitive Electrophysiology [syllabus: pdf]
    Brian O’Donnell; Indiana University
  • Human Psychophysiology [syllabus: pdf]
    Allan Nash
  • Psychophysiology [syllabus: pdf]
    Bruce Friedman; Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
  • Health and Psychophysiology [syllabus: pdf; doc]
    Dale Alexander; Allegheny College
  • Clinical Psychophysiology [syllabus:pdf]
    Steven Hackley; University of Missouri
  • Psychophysiology [syllabus: pdf; doc]
    James Gross; Stanford University
  • Psychophysiology [syllabus: pdf]
    Richie Davidson; University Of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Advanced Topics in Research Methods:Psychophysiology [syllabuspdf]
    Note: This is an undergraduate course.
    Jeffrey Sable; Rhodes College, Memphis, TN

Laboratory demonstrations

This section will includepapers, actual run files, counterbalance scripts, etc


This section will include full citations for texts that are in use for the teaching of psychophysiology. In addition, it will include other helpful texts (such as texts on electricity and electronics).

Methods papers

This section will include papers that have been critical in establishing the construct validity of various psychophysiological measures.

Application papers

This section will include papers that represent interesting applications of psychophysiological measures that advanced fields or tested questions that were difficult to test with other methods/measures.

This page maintained by the SPR Education and Training Committee.

Contact: Jason Moser, Ph.D. jmoser@msu.edu with questions or comments.

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